Strong strengthening of the oldest market

Giada Cenerini, managing director of Cenerini Spa takes stock of the year just ended.

Budget 2016 positive and growing for Cenerini Spa, “Sales are increased both in terms of exports both in retail – says Giada Cenerini, managing director of the company – We are talking about a 15% increase, with a strong improvement in our historical markets “. “The bad weather starts in 2017 – continues Giada – has conditioned us, but thanks to consolidated relations with producers we were able to meet the demands of our customers.”

The 2016 was a year of novelty:

“After two years of construction, in April we opened our new warehouse. New sizes, new colors, but the same winning team, which was able to maintain the continuity of work and provide customer service. We also expanded our product range by introducing references fourth range and dried fruit and increased its staff to meet all the needs of our customers. ”
The warehouse is located in the new New Mercatale-NAM Area, and as pointed out by Giada “is giving us a lot of satisfaction. The volumes are increasing and the size of our stand are more important.”